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07:42 News-Medical.Net Researchers to create AI-based pill to precisely diagnose gastrointestinal cancers

A team led by University of Saskatchewan (USask) researcher Khan Wahid has been awarded $250,000 from the federal New Frontiers in Research Fund to create a new pill-sized capsule that uses artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled sensing to diagnose gastrointestinal cancers and bleeding earlier and more precisely than is currently possible.

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16:04 AI can Help Detect People at Risk of Developing Pancreatic Cancer

Dr Ananya Malhotra, research fellow in statistics, London School of Hygiene &Tropical Medicine, London, UK. Image Credit: ESMO Press Office. Early detection of pancreatic cancer is very...

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11:13 AI Technologies can Predict Side Effects of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men. The number of new cases is increasing worldwide. There is a relatively high survival rate, with 95% surviving after 10 years - if detected in...

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00:09 AI could improve skin cancer diagnostic accuracy when combined with human expertise

People are worried that Artificial intelligence (AI) might infringe their rights or take away their jobs. However, they

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18:31 AI-Based Dual-Stain Test Improves Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

A recent study performed by researchers has revealed that a computer algorithm enhanced the efficiency and precision of cervical cancer screening when compared to the Pap test (cytology). A slide...

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10:51 AI dual-stain approach improved accuracy, efficiency of cervical cancer screening in NIH study

In a new study, a computer algorithm improved the accuracy and efficiency of cervical cancer screening compared with

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17:40 New AI-Based Technique to Classify Colorectal Cancer with IR Imaging

Automatic detection of intestinal tumor type can be performed by using infrared microscopy in just 30 minutes. Then, the results are utilized to make targeted therapy decisions. Hendrik Jütte,...

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04:26 La Trobe University uses AI to bring mental health care to cancer patients

In a bid to provide personalised support to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

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22:40 Computer algorithms find tumors’ molecular weak spots

Approach to identifying the best drug targets gets critical test

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10:16 New AI Classifies Common Type of Brain Tumor into Low or High Grades

A new machine learning approach classifies a common type of brain tumour into low or high grades with almost 98% accuracy, researchers report in the journal IEEE Access. Scientists in India and Japan,...

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16:01 Transgene and NEC Demonstrate High Accuracy of AI-based Neoantigen Prediction for the Design of Individualized Cancer Vaccine TG4050

TG4050 is being evaluated in two Phase 1 clinical trials. It combines Transgene’s proprietary myvac platform with NEC’s

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17:06 Intel and UPenn are using AI to find brain tumors

The program will combine the efforts of multiple systems – while maintaining privacy

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16:37 Intel, UPenn partner with 29 health organizations to train AI to spot brain tumors

Health and research organizations from around the globe will collaborate on building a robust AI model to identify brain tumors using the privacy-preserving method of federated learning.

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20:29 Could AI Help Doctors Map Out Treatments for Brain Cancers?

FRIDAY, April 24, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence may reduce the need for glioma brain cancer patients to have biopsies to determine the best treatment for their tumors, researchers report. Currently, it's common to remove glioma samples from...

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16:24 Nature.Com Worth the cost? A closer look at the da Vinci robot’s impact on prostate cancer surgery

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19:57 News-Medical.Net AI may help eliminate use of biopsy for brain cancer patients

Brain cancer patients in the coming years may not need to go under the knife to help doctors determine the best treatment for their tumors.

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17:24 Tiny Robots can Deliver Important Cargo to the Tumor Microenvironment

Tiny, microscale-biohybrid robots are capable of swimming through the body and delivering drugs to tumors. They can also perform other cargo-carrying functions. Illustration (top) and scanning...

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22:44 Researchers Create AI-Powered Blood Test to Detect Cancer

Credit: Pexels The test can detect over 50 different cancers and narrow down tumor location to specific areas of the body. The post Researchers Create AI-Powered Blood Test to Detect Cancer appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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16:27 AI taps into human wisdom to deliver a quick and reliable cancer diagnosis

Artificial intelligence is not going to replace doctors any time soon. However, it can become a very useful

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17:54 Nature.Com How AI is improving cancer diagnostics

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18:14 AI may help predict responses to non-small cell lung cancer systemic therapies

Using standard-of-care computed tomography (CT) scans in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), researchers utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to train algorithms to predict tumor sensitivity to three systemic cancer therapies.

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17:51 News-Medical.Net AI could enhance prediction of treatment response among patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Artificial intelligence deep learning algorithms may predict response to systemic treatment for non-small cell lung cancer.

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13:37 News-Medical.Net AI may help predict tumor sensitivity to systemic cancer therapies

Using standard-of-care computed tomography scans in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer, researchers utilized artificial intelligence to train algorithms to predict tumor sensitivity to three systemic cancer therapies.

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13:09 AI Finds Genes Related to the Sense of Smell Play a Role in Development of Cancer

A number of previous studies have found that the roughly 400 olfactory genes present in the human body

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00:31 News-Medical.Net AI taps human knowledge for faster and more accurate cancer diagnosis

A new system combining artificial intelligence with human knowledge promises faster and more accurate cancer diagnosis.

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19:09 Nature.Com AI finds microbial signatures in tumours and blood across cancer types

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13:44 AI reveals differences in appearance of cancer tissue between racial populations

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reveal apparent cellular distinctions between black

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01:05 News-Medical.Net AI helps reveal apparent cellular distinctions between black and white cancer patients

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reveal apparent cellular distinctions between black and white cancer patients, while also exploring potential racial bias in the rapidly developing field of AI.

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22:43 News-Medical.Net Researchers create new computer program to map the entire 'hemodynamic landscape' of tumors

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have created a computer program for scientists at no charge that lets users readily quantify the structural and functional changes in the blood flow networks feeding tumors.

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18:40 AI Assisted Radiologists See Improved Performance in Detection of Breast Cancer

An artificial intelligence algorithm demonstrated better diagnostic performance in breast cancer detection compared to radiologists, who also saw improved performance when aided by the technology.

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04:48 News-Medical.Net New technology uses microwaves and AI for tumor detection

Researchers have developed a new, inexpensive technology that could save lives and money by routinely screening women for breast cancer without exposure to radiation.

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21:50 'Multitasking' AI tool to extract cancer data in record time

To better leverage cancer data for research, scientists are developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-based natural language processing tool to improve information extraction from textual pathology reports. In a first for cancer pathology reports, the team developed a multitask convolutional neural network (CNN) -- a deep learning model that learns to perform tasks, such as identifying key words in a body of text, by processing language as a two-dimensional numerical dataset.

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09:25 ORNL researchers develop ‘multitasking’ AI tool to extract cancer data in record time

As the second-leading cause of death in the United States, cancer is a public health crisis that afflicts

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05:48 News-Medical.Net AI can help cancer patients start radiation therapy sooner

Artificial intelligence can help cancer patients start their radiation therapy sooner - and thereby decrease the odds of the cancer spreading - by instantly translating complex clinical data into an optimal plan of attack.

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20:20 AI System Possibly Capable of Surpassing Human Experts in Breast Cancer Prediction

Researchers have yet to determine the optimal use of the AI system, though assessments in the clinical setting indicated that the technology could enhance screening results, potentially identifying breast cancer earlier than the standard of care.

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18:55 AI Might Help Spot, Evaluate Prostate Cancer

THURSDAY, Jan. 16, 2020 -- In another step toward using artificial intelligence in medicine, a new study shows that computers can be trained to match human experts in judging the severity of prostate tumors. Researchers found that their artificial...

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20:50 News-Medical.Net New tool judges accuracy of computer predictions of tumor’s genetic diversity

Cancers are often made up of many cells which vary genetically to each other. These genetic differences mean the cancer may be particularly susceptible or resistant to a given treatment. As a result, identifying these variations can help clinicians decide which treatment is most likely to be successful for a specific patient.

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19:47 New open-source software judges accuracy of computer predictions of cancer genetics

Researchers have created new open-source software which determines the accuracy of computer predictions of genetic variation within tumor samples.

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14:59 News-Medical.Net Study demonstrates accuracy of AI system in diagnosing prostate cancer

The Lancet Oncology has today published the results of a study demonstrating the accuracy of an artificial intelligence system in diagnosing prostate cancer in tissue samples.

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21:59 News-Medical.Net New AI system determines aggressiveness of prostate cancer better than most pathologists

Researchers at Radboud university medical center have developed a 'deep learning' system that is better than most pathologists at determining the aggressiveness of prostate cancer. The AI system, which uses tissue samples to arrive at its diagnosis, taught itself to identify prostate cancer based on data from over 1200 patients.

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18:49 AI System for Histopathological Diagnosis and Grading of Prostate Cancer

An artificial intelligence-based technique for histopathological diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer has been devised by scientists from Karolinska Institutet. The AI system overcomes one of...

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13:48 AI can be used to detect and grade prostate cancer

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have developed a method based on artificial intelligence for histopathological diagnosis and grading of

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14:48 NewScientist.Com AI matches humans at diagnosing brain cancer from tumour biopsy images

Artificial intelligence can now diagnose some cancers from brain tumour biopsies with the same level of accuracy as humans

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17:45 Transgene and NEC Start Two Clinical Trials with TG4050, an AI-Powered Cancer Vaccine for Ovarian and Head & Neck Cancers

Transgene (Euronext Paris: TNG), a biotech company that designs and develops virus-based immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer,

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21:21 Yahoo Science AI matches human brain cancer diagnosis: study

An AI computer model can diagnose and identify 10 of the most common types of brain cancer with the same accuracy as human doctors, researchers said Monday. More than 15 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every year, and 80 percent of those will undergo surgery. In the United States alone more than one million cancer samples are biopsied annually, and each one must be analysed and diagnosed by a pathologist, placing enormous strain on health services.

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21:47 AI Beat Humans in Spotting Breast Tumors

FRIDAY, Jan. 3, 2020 -- Machines can be trained to outperform humans when it comes to catching breast tumors on mammograms, a new study suggests. Researchers at Google and several universities are working on an artificial intelligence (AI) model...

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12:34 Google’s AI breast cancer screening tool is learning to generalize across countries 

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00:51 Google DeepMind’s AI-based breast cancer detection is not yet an automatic diagnostician

Google's Google Health and its DeepMind unit, along with London's Imperial College, report in this week's Nature magazine about how a trio of deep-learning networks can in some cases best human radiologists in reading a mammogram. But the fine print shows we're not yet at the point of replacing radiologists.

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23:34 Google AI Is Better At Identifying Breast Cancer Than Human Doctors

Google is one of the leading developers of neural network AI, and it has developed a new system that uses the power of AI to identify breast cancer in mammograms that doctors might miss. The post Google AI Is Better At Identifying Breast Cancer Than Human Doctors appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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20:08 ScientificAmerican.Com Google AI Tool Can Pinpoint Breast Cancer Better Than Clinicians

The software detected cancers at higher rates than radiologists, with fewer false positives -- Read more on

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17:36 News-Medical.Net New AI system could improve accuracy of breast cancer detection

Google and partners have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) program, which has been proven to be more efficient than radiologists at detecting breast cancer in mammograms, according to researchers in the United States and Britain.

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17:12 Google Health AI Spots Breast Cancer Human Doctors Miss

Cancer Cells (Photo Credit: Pixabay) Artificial intelligence can improve the detection of breast cancer. At least, Google’s model can. Described in a paper published by the journal Nature, the AI spotted breast cancer in screening mammograms with greater […]The post Google Health AI Spots Breast Cancer Human Doctors Miss appeared first on

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14:19 Yahoo Science Google s DeepMind created an AI for spotting breast cancer that can outperform human radiologists

The AI was trained on two datasets of mammogram scans from the US and the UK, then pitted against six radiologists.

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05:11 NewScientist.Com AI system is better than human doctors at predicting breast cancer

An AI system trained to spot abnormalities in mammograms can predict who will or won’t develop breast cancer better than radiologists

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04:25 Google develops AI to improve breast cancer screenings

In initial testing, the AI model performed better than human experts.

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22:53 Google Health demonstrates AI ‘surpassing human experts in breast cancer prediction’

In November, Google Health detailed its mission to “help everybody live their healthiest life.” The division today published “initial findings” on using AI to improve breast cancer screening.more…The post Google Health demonstrates AI ‘surpassing human experts in breast cancer prediction’ appeared first on 9to5Google.

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21:40 Nature.Com International evaluation of an AI system for breast cancer screening

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21:40 Nature.Com AI shows promise for breast cancer screening

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23:21 AI improves breast cancer risk prediction

A sophisticated type of artificial intelligence (AI) can outperform existing models at predicting which women are at future risk of breast cancer, according to a new study.

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16:11 News-Medical.Net AI identifies previously unknown features relevant to cancer prognosis

Artificial intelligence technology developed by the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project in Japan has successfully found features in pathology images from human cancer patients, without annotation, that could be understood by human doctors.

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18:11 News-Medical.Net New kind of AI improves breast cancer risk prediction

Researchers have established a new artificial intelligence (AI) that can identify women with increased risk of breast cancer.

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14:23 News-Medical.Net Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cancer Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being tested in clinics around the world, but is it a realistic ambition to apply sophisticated algorithms to cancer care?

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19:10 New AI Algorithm Offers Robust Way to Detect Tumor Cells

A new software tool developed by researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cancer cells from digital pathology images. This provides clinicians a...

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00:37 News-Medical.Net New software tool uses AI to recognize cancer cells from digital pathology images

UT Southwestern researchers have developed a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to recognize cancer cells from digital pathology images - giving clinicians a powerful way of predicting patient outcomes.

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10:33 Developing a new AI breast cancer diagnostic tool

Scientists are developing a new way to identify the unique chemical ‘fingerprints’ for different types of breast cancers.

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18:46 AI helps find signs of heart disease on lung cancer screens

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides an automated and accurate tool to measure a common marker of heart disease in patients getting chest CT scans for lung cancer screening, according to a new study.

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04:35 Medical News Today: Lung cancer: AI shows who will benefit from immunotherapy

A team of researchers has developed a machine learning model able to predict which individuals with lung cancer will most benefit from immunotherapy.

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21:22 News-Medical.Net Using AI to determine which lung cancer patients will benefit from immunotherapy

Scientists from the Case Western Reserve University digital imaging lab, already pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence to predict whether chemotherapy will be successful, can now determine which lung-cancer patients will benefit from expensive immunotherapy.

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20:44 A giant, superfast AI chip is being used to find better cancer drugs

A new generation of specialized hardware could make drug development and material discovery orders of magnitude faster.

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15:21 A computer model has learned to detect prostate cancer

Scientists at the TSU Laboratory of Biophotonics, working with Tomsk National Research Medical Center (TNIMC) oncologists, have developed a new approach to the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma, a malignant tumor of the prostate gland, that uses artificial intelligence to identify oncopathology and determine the stage of the disease. Using machine learning, a computer model was taught to distinguish between healthy tissues and pathology with 100 percent accuracy.

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17:39 The Role of AI in Diagnosing Cervical Cancer

Image Credit: mi_viri/ Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare is a growing area as the technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and more efficient. AI is...

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15:57 News-Medical.Net Mirada Medical announces series of installations of world’s first AI software for cancer treatment

Mirada Medical, a global leader in Artificial Intelligence software for the treatment of cancer, has announced today further global installations of DLCExpert, the world’s first commercially available AI-powered auto contouring software for cancer treatment planning and the only system with over one year of clinically proven use.

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21:38 Fujitsu Improves Efficiency in Cancer Genomic Medicine in Joint AI Research with the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo

Fujitsu has announced the results of a joint research project it has been conducting with the Institute of

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15:31 News-Medical.Net Hitachi and CLB in Lyon-France announce research collaboration to fight against cancer with AI

Hitachi, Ltd. and Centre Leon Berard (CLB), a leading French Comprehensive Cancer Center in Lyon-France, announced today that they have entered into an agreement to jointly promote research and development aimed at improving the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of cancer and established a new research laboratory called Hitachi Lyon Lab on the CLB site, starting November 5th.

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07:43 News-Medical.Net Fujitsu successfully verifies AI technology to improve efficiency in cancer genomic medicine

Fujitsu has announced the results of a joint research project it has been conducting with the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo since April 2018.

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23:49 AI blood test can spot signs of brain tumor to speed up diagnosis

Chemical analysis of blood samples, combined with an artificial intelligence program, could speed up the diagnosis of brain tumors.

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02:42 News-Medical.Net Blood test combined with AI program could speed up diagnosis of brain tumors

Chemical analysis of blood samples, combined with an artificial intelligence program, could speed up the diagnosis of brain tumors, according to research presented at the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference.

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15:57 News-Medical.Net Skin cancer diagnosis using AI technology could be as accurate as clinical specialist

New clinical data published in Journal of American Medical Association demonstrates first-in-class AI algorithm is able to diagnose skin cancer with a high-level of accuracy comparable to a clinical specialist.

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23:19 AI and Radiologists Together: Better Breast Cancer Diagnoses?

Radiologists and data scientists decided to get together to evaluate the effectiveness of artificial intelligence and human observation when it comes to detecting breast cancer in mammograms.

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22:12 News-Medical.Net Dartmouth scientist awarded grant to build new AI technologies for lung cancer management

Lung cancer is the second most common type of cancer and leading cause of cancer death in men and women, with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) accounting for up to 90% of cases. Somatic mutations heavily impact the sensitivity of NSCLC patients to various drug treatments, and are critical for choosing the most effective targeted therapies for this cancer.

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03:21 News-Medical.Net WPI biomedical engineer is creating a new robot to detect and monitor prostate cancer

A biomedical engineer at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is creating a new medical robot that uses minimally invasive technologies to safely and accurately detect and monitor prostate cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer-related deaths among American men.

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23:57 News-Medical.Net Combination of AI tool and radiologists identifies breast cancer with 90% accuracy

An artificial intelligence tool--trained on roughly a million screening mammography images--identified breast cancer with approximately 90 percent accuracy when combined with analysis by radiologists, a new study finds.

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17:37 AI-based Diagnostic Tool Shows Promise in Upper GI Cancer

A new study found artificial intelligence-based diagnostics could help with better diagnoses for upper gastrointestinal cancers.

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23:25 News-Medical.Net Biology and computers meld to help understand how breast cancer develops

Among the most deadly killers in the area of cancer, breast cancer is also extremely difficult to treat, once it has spread to the bones. Not only does it metastasize rapidly, but it comprises a variety of cell types and also depends on the input from many other non-breast cells during the initiation, growth and spread of the cancer. This complexity makes it more difficult to develop targeted therapies in this condition.

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11:38 Beating colon cancer with AI

Dr. William Karnes’ directive when he arrived at UCI Health was nothing less than wiping out colorectal cancer in Orange

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00:52 News-Medical.Net AI accurately predicts radiation therapy side effects for patients with head and neck cancers

For the first time, a sophisticated computer model has been shown to accurately predict two of the most challenging side effects associated with radiation therapy for head and neck cancer.

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17:31 AI can predict the chances of surviving oral cancer

The chances of surviving oral cancers can be predicted by state of the art AI algorithms – developed

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19:08 Biodegradable anti-cancer treatment micro-robot

Professor Hongsoo Choi's research team in the Department of Robotics Engineering & DGIST-ETH Microrobot Research Center (DEMRC) at DGIST (President Young Kuk) succeeded in developing a biodegradable micro-robot that can perform hyperthermia treatment and control drug release. This research can treat cancer cells through hyperthermia and controlled drug release more precisely and systematically, and is expected to raise the safety and efficiency of anti-cancer treatment.

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07:47 News-Medical.Net AI system could help better detect and diagnose breast cancer

UCLA researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system that could help pathologists read biopsies more accurately and to better detect and diagnose breast cancer.

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21:26 News-Medical.Net Scientists use AI to recognize patterns in breast cancer

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in breast cancer - and uncovered five new types of the disease each matched to different personalized treatments.

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20:47 AI reveals new breast cancer types that respond differently to treatment

Scientists have used artificial intelligence to recognize patterns in breast cancer -- and uncovered five new types of the disease each matched to different personalized treatments.

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13:27 IBM gives cancer-killing drug AI project to the open source community

If we understand more about cancer on the molecular level, we can learn to treat it more effectively.

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20:15 How the quest for a scalable quantum computer is helping fight cancer

Today, someone with breast cancer may undergo several rounds of chemotherapy and spend months in limbo before medical scans can show if that particular cocktail of toxic drugs is shrinking the tumor.

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15:08 News-Medical.Net Researchers use AI to develop early gastric cancer endoscopic diagnosis system

Researchers at Okayama University have developed an early gastric cancer endoscopic diagnosis system using artificial intelligence.

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18:45 NewScientist.Com AI can teach doctors to spot signs of cancer-causing viruses

AI can spot previously unknown signs of cancer-related viruses in tissue samples, and can teach doctors to look for these patterns themselves

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16:44 A new way to use the AI behind deepfakes could improve cancer diagnosis

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10:49 News-Medical.Net New computer model simulates the metabolism of cancer cells

Researchers from the Life Sciences Research Unit of the University of Luxembourg have developed a computer model that simulates the metabolism of cancer cells.

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00:16 Novel computer model supports cancer therapy

Researchers have developed a computer model that simulates the metabolism of cancer cells. They used the program to investigate how combinations of drugs could be used more effectively to stop tumor growth.

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10:36 News-Medical.Net Robotic surgery for oropharyngeal cancer not better than radiation therapy, study finds

In 2012, scientists at Lawson Health Research Institute launched the world's first clinical trial comparing robotic surgery to radiation therapy for the treatment of oropharyngeal cancer (cancer at the back of the throat).

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14:09 News-Medical.Net Computer-assisted diagnostic method aids in early detection of brain tumor growth

A computer-assisted diagnostic procedure helps physicians detect the growth of low-grade brain tumors earlier and at smaller volumes than visual comparison alone, according to a study published May 28 in the open-access journal PLOS Medicine by Hassan Fathallah-Shaykh of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues.

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