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20:06 NewScientist.Com Damaged human lungs revived for transplant by connecting them to a pig

Donated human lungs that are too damaged to use for transplant can be returned to a usable state by connecting them to a pig’s blood supply for 24 hours

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04:59 News-Medical.Net Researchers prove the ability to grow human-derived blood vessels in a pig

A team of researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School recently proved the ability to grow human-derived blood vessels in a pig--a novel approach that has the potential for providing unlimited human vessels for transplant purposes.

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16:35 CNBC health care This CEO is trying to genetically modify pig organs for human transplant and cure rare diseases

United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt is a trailblazer in drug development for rare diseases. She is now developing technology to tackle the organ shortage in America.

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