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18:05 Google news Sci/TechScientists Modify Viruses With CRISPR To Create New Weapon Against Superbugs - NPR (1)

Scientists Modify Viruses With CRISPR To Create New Weapon Against Superbugs  NPRAlphonso Evans rolls his wheelchair into a weight machine in the gym at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, Ga. "I'm not so much worried about ...

11:23 News-Medical.NetUW researchers use molecular tethers, chemical 'light sabers' for tissue engineering (1)

Tissue engineering could transform medicine. Instead of waiting for our bodies to regrow or repair damage after an injury or disease, scientists could grow complex, fully functional tissues in a laboratory for transplantation into patients.

13:19 FightAging.OrgAging, Metabolic Rate, and the Differences Between Birds and Mammals (1)

There is a strong association in mammalian species between metabolic rate, size, and life span. When pulling in bird species to compare, however, it is observed that they tend to have higher metabolic rates and longer life spans at a given size. So the question here is what exactly is going on in bird metabolism that allows for this more heated operation of cellular metabolism, necessary to meet the demands of flight, without the consequences to life span observed in mammalian species. The open access paper here is illustrative of research in this part of the comparative biology of aging field. Is there anything in this ongoing work on metabolism and aging that might one day lead to methods of extending mammalian life? Perhaps, perhaps […]

20:43 ScienceDaily.comBrain stimulation improves working memory in adults (1)

Magnetic stimulation of the brain improves working memory, offering a new potential avenue of therapy for individuals living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

19:11 InvestorPlace.com7 Food Stocks to Buy Now (1)

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips
The Beyond Meat IPO hysteria has brought new attention to food stocks to buy. Here are seven you’ll make money on over the long haul.  
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16:09 FierceBiotech.comHarvard-born diabetes startup Semma reports advances in turning stem cells into insulin producers (1)

Semma Therapeutics has faced an obstacle with its process of turning undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells into insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells: Only 30% of the resulting cells turn out to be beta cells. Now, a Semma-Harvard University team has figured out how to boost the proportion of beta cells emerging from their process to 80%.

20:17 Phys.orgAn electric tongue can handle more spicy foods than you can (1)

Thousands of new spicy products hit supermarket shelves every year. Some people crave the heat, some fear the burn. But if you enjoy it, spicy food wears out taste buds quickly.

16:42 Yahoo ScienceCouple Dies of the Plague After Eating Raw Marmot Meat: Reports (1)

Couple Dies of the Plague After Eating Raw Marmot Meat

13:38 FinancialExpress.comWhatsApp eating up your phone’s memory? Here’s how to manage media on the chat app (1)

WhatsApp gives you control over the media that arrives in a group chat or an individual chat

11:25 DigitalTrends.comChicago’s trash-eating river robot is a glimpse into the future of crowdsourcing (1)

From controlling a trash-picking robot on the Chicago River to discovering new planets, our hyper-connected world is giving the public a host of new tools to help solve some giant problems.
The post Chicago’s trash-eating river robot is a glimpse into the future of crowdsourcing appeared first on Digital Trends.

00:43 BusinessPerformance Food Group Company (PFGC) Q3 2019 Earnings Call Transcript (1)

PFGC earnings call for the period ending .

20:23 Nature.ComNext-generation characterization of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (1)

01:39 TechInvestorNews.comGoogle says its AI can spot early-stage lung cancer, in some cases better than doctors can (James Thorne/GeekWire) (1)

James Thorne / GeekWireGoogle says its AI can spot early-stage lung cancer, in some cases better than doctors can - What if deep learning models could detect early-stage cancer more accurately than a veteran radiologist? Google is showing that day might be close, based on the results of a study that is set to publish soon in the journal Nature Medicine. We know that when cases are diagnosed early, patients ...

22:37 ScienceDaily.comGroundbreaking study could lead to fast, simple test for Ebola virus (1)

In a breakthrough that could lead to a simple and inexpensive test for Ebola virus disease, researchers have generated two antibodies to the deadly virus. The antibodies, which are inexpensive to produce, potentially could be used in a simple filter paper test to detect Ebola virus and the related Marburg virus.

22:30 TechInvestorNews.comAndroid Q will get 5G network health data from Qualcomm’s chips (Chris Davies/SlashGear) (1)

Chris Davies / SlashGearAndroid Q will get 5G network health data from Qualcomm’s chips - Android Q 5G phones will be able to share more network data with apps, as Qualcomm and Google announce plans to maximize the usefulness of next-generation networks. Announced at Google I/O 2019 today, the collaboration will see Android developers gain improved APIs with more insight into the cellular network the ...

19:49 News-Medical.NetRegeneration of severely damaged lungs using a interventional cross-circulation platform (1)

Lung transplantation, the only lifesaving therapy for an increasing population of patients with end-stage lung disease, is severely limited by the number of available donor organs.

19:45 ScienceDaily.comTeaching CRISPR and antibiotic resistance to high school students (1)

A team has developed BioBits, a suite of hands-on educational kits that enable students to perform a range of biological experiments by adding water and simple reagents to freeze-dried cell-free reactions.

13:25 ScienceAlphabet's GV leads funding in gene editing company Verve Therapeutics (1)

GV, Alphabet Inc's venture capital arm, led a $58.5 million investment to launch Verve Therapeutics, a new biotech focused on developing therapies that edit the human genome to treat heart diseases.

09:51 News-Medical.NetSkin-related stem cells could be used to regenerate vital part of the nervous system (1)

Neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis affect millions of people worldwide and occur when parts of the nervous system lose function over time.

00:07 ScienceDaily.comA brain region for Pokémon characters? (1)

Adults who played Pokémon videogames extensively as children have a brain region that responds preferentially to images of Pikachu and other characters from the series.

19:56 ScientificAmerican.ComCan 3-D Printing Produce Lung and Liver Tissue for Transplants? (1)

New technique creates working models—with a little help from grocery-store food coloring -- Read more on

15:26 ScienceDaily.comBrain imaging lie detector can be beaten with simple techniques (1)

Researchers have shown that a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) 'lie detector' test, which measures brain activity, can be 'deceived' by people using mental countermeasures. The study suggests that more should be done to detect mental countermeasures before using fMRI tests for forensic applications.

14:15 News-Medical.NetNew dataset will help researchers better understand how the brain processes images (1)

Neuroscientists and computer vision scientists say a new dataset of unprecedented size -- comprising brain scans of four volunteers who each viewed 5,000 images -- will help researchers better understand how the brain processes images.

13:26 FightAging.OrgBoosting Levels of NAD+ May Make Senescent Cells More Aggressively Inflammatory (1)

Enhancing levels of NAD+ in mitochondria via delivery of various precursor compounds as supplements is growing in popularity as an approach to boost faltering mitochondrial function and thus modestly slow the progression of aging. A human trial demonstrated improved vascular function as a result of nicotinamide riboside supplementation, for example. Researchers here show that increased NAD+ will likely make worse the inflammatory signaling of senescent cells, however. Senescent cells accumulate with age, and are an important cause of the chronic inflammation of aging that drives the progression of many age-related diseases. The results here suggest that efficient senolytic treatments to selectively destroy senescent cells should proceed any of the current approaches to raising levels of NAD+ in older individuals - and it is an open […]

17:02 SingularityHub.ComCRISPR Used in Human Trials for the First Time in the US (1)

CRISPR just hit another landmark. Last week, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) confirmed that they have treated two cancer patients using the gene editing darling married with another biomedical wizard, CAR-T. For now, it’s too early to tell if the treatment proved beneficial in either patient, but the team hopes to release a first batch […]

20:33 GizmagDrone-delivered kidney gets transplanted into patient (1)

Using regular aircraft to transport organs for transplant usually works OK, but problems can arise when flights are delayed, or when planes can't land in remote areas. That's where drones could really make a difference – and in an April 19th proof-of-concept exercise, one was used to deliver a kidney for a human recipient.
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21:34 Phys.orgEvolving alongside viruses impacts susceptibility to future infections (1)

Researchers have shown that when fruit flies co-evolve with viruses, different genetic changes occur to those caused by encountering a virus for the first time, altering the insects' susceptibility to future infection.

13:55 Technology.orgH3N2 viruses mutate during vaccine production but new tech could fix it (1)

In late March 2019, the World Health Organization and a vaccine advisory committee of the Food and Drug